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> La Storia Appena Cominciata..., ...è già finita.....
  Inviato il: Lunedì, 04-Giu-2007, 23:05
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The Founder
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dal sito ufficiale dei Mostly Autumn:

Announcement re. Heather and Derek (Fish)
Though we don't usually like to comment on personal issues of the band, we feel here at MA that some announcement should be made with reference to Heather and Fish, in that their marriage will no longer go ahead. Heather is very upset at having to call off the wedding but she had no option as she felt the man she fell in love with had changed considerably. We had been worried about Heather over the last few weeks, she should have been walking on air, but was unsupported and alone up in Scotland and was having to deal with things which have no part in romance. Fortunately, by coincidence, her brother was in the Scottish borders to answer her call after a horrendous argument which ended badly, and she was safely back to the comfort of her family and friends very soon after. The nature of the argument and it's ending makes it impossible for Heather to consider any sort of reconciliation.

Heather has made it clear that she would not like this to have any influence on Chris and Angie recording and touring with Fish, though Odin Dragonfly will not now be supporting Fish on his forthcoming tour.

She would also like to say thank you for all the supportive messages she has already started to receive from fans of both Mostly Autumn and Fish.

We all wish Derek every happiness in the future and of course wish our lovely Heather well in her own very bright future.

Suzie Bielby
For MA
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Inviato il: Martedì, 05-Giu-2007, 14:04
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Chocolate King
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Heather si è rifiutata di firmare un contratto prematrimoniale....


Nobody told him when the floodtide was coming
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Inviato il: Venerdì, 08-Giu-2007, 18:00
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Purple Piper

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Che peccato, non tanto per il loro matrimonio, sinceramente non mi impiccio di questi fatti, ma per il fatto che la collaborazione tra i due che avevo avuto modo di sentire sul doppio live acustico di fish "communion" aveva giovato parecchio ai pezzi dello scozzese; anche perché con Heather c'era anche la flautista dei Mostly Autumn e l'ex cantante dei Karnataka...
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