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Inviato da: Mauro il Domenica, 27-Ott-2019, 14:25
Lo sapete, salvo qualche eccezione (tipo Miriodor) qui e lÓ, in generale non amo il R.I.O.
Per˛, cavolo, mi spiace davvero di dovervi dare questa notizia. cry.gif
Carmaux era "una piccola grande classica": ci son passati fior di bei nomi, al di lÓ dei miei personalissimi gusti.

It is with a great sadness that I must announce today that the 12th edition of the ROCK IN OPPOSITION France Event held in Bourgoin-Jallieu and Lyon last may is the last of the name. Indeed, given the change of direction of the current music scene "Les Abattoirs", and the complex mutation of the missions of his team, it would be very risky to consider a next edition.
At the end of the R.I.O. from Carmaux, we had, JosÚ Molina (Director of the Abattoirs) and I did my utmost to maintain this unique event on the national territory.
Today is the end of this wonderful story. And it is with great difficulty, both for the organizers, volunteers, technicians, artists and public that we must make this decision.

For my part I continue to work on other projects which, I hope, I will have the opportunity to talk to you very soon ...

Thank you all for this fabulous adventure.

And long live MUSIC.

Michel Besset



Inviato da: jdessi il Lunedý, 28-Ott-2019, 11:15
notizia ferale....

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